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What is the cause of oil leakage?
1. Refueling too fast or too full (problems that newcomers are most likely to make) Some novice friends are too eager to run the core, quickly add too much smoke, so that the atomization core is too saturated or some of the smoke oil is not absorbed by the atomizing core and enter the base. If the fuel is too full, oil leakage will occur. Happening. Solution: Try not to add too much when refueling! Generally, it can't exceed 2/3 of the oil storage bin. Add as much as possible, add a little less each time, and then add it after the pumping. Don't save time and add too much. This is determined by the structure and working principle of the atomizer. The oil in the oil storage tank penetrates into the atomizing core through the small hole of the atomizer, and then the atomizing core energizes and heats the infiltrated smoke oil, and the smoke oil is heated to become smoke from the cigarette holder. If the addition is too full, the air pressure in the atomization chamber is small, and there is a lot of smoke oil penetrating into the atomization core under the action of gravity, so it is easy to flow out from the mouthpiece or suck into the mouth. 2, the wrong way to use Many friends will habitually breathe a sigh of relief when using it. This is not true. First of all, the structure of the finished oil storage atomizer and the drip atomizer is not the same. The blown air of the finished atomizer for a long time will cause the oil spot of the oil to be blown into the base at the same time, plus a long time. The accumulated condensate causes oil leakage. Solution: Try not to blow into the mouthpiece. If you feel the watery sound when you smoke the cigarette, it means that there is condensate water on the inner wall of the flue. At this time, the mouthpiece is squatting down a few times. Yes, blowing in is not a solution. 3. The atomizer seal ring is lost or damaged. The sealant is the easiest to lose or break the nebulizer during use. If the sealing ring that the atomizing core contacts the base is lost or damaged, oil leakage may also occur. Solution: When unscrewing the atomizer, the action should be light, so try not to touch the sealing rubber ring. If you accidentally get the sealant ring down, carefully install it and tighten it after adding the oil. If it is lost or damaged, replace it with a new nebulizer. (The sealing apron on the old atomizer can be removed for use) 4, the atomizer connection thread is not tightened The atomizer refueling portion and the combination with the battery rod are connected by a sealing rubber ring and a thread. If the thread is not tightened and the sealing ring is not squeezed, it will not seal, causing the fumes to penetrate from the mouthpiece or the joint with the battery rod. Solution: After the thread is tightened, tighten it with a little more force until it can no longer be screwed, making sure that the threads are all tightened. 5, the wrong way of use and the intensity of smoking is too strong or too fast, causing smoke oil inhalation I often hear that many newcomers who are new to e-cigarette complain that smoking oil is very painful in their mouths. It is suspected that the quality of e-cigarettes is a problem. In fact, this is a big reason for the lack of understanding of the use of electronic cigarettes. In this case, except for a few who are indeed quality problems, most of them are caused by excessive smoking and excessive speed. E-cigarettes are not like real cigarettes. The bigger the smoking, the faster the burning, the greater the amount of smoke, but the longer the smoking time, the greater the smoke. Solution: When smoking electronic cigarettes, do not put the cigarette holder upside down and suck, but the cigarette holder is inclined upwards by 45 degrees. Do not suck or suck quickly during the suction process, and maintain a steady and appropriate force. Because the e-cigarette does not need to be burned, it only needs to be sucked to ensure that the atomized smoke can be sucked into the mouth (you can take longer to suck the mouth). If the suction force is too fast, it is easy to suck the condensate from the flue or the smoke that has not been atomized into the mouth. 6, long-term placement The smoke in the atomizer is left unused for a long time, which can also cause oil leakage. Because most of the finished atomizers are of negative pressure type oil guiding structure, the internal pressure of the atomizer will always exist for a long time, and the oil will be continuously guided. The excessive accumulation of the smoked oil of the atomizing core will penetrate into the base and cause leakage. oil. Solution: Add smoke oil as much as possible according to your own usage, make sure that the oil added on the day can be pumped out on the same day. If it needs to be placed for a long time, unscrew the atomizer and pull out the smoke oil inside. In addition, the occasional inhalation of smoke oil in the mouthpiece is not a phenomenon of oil leakage. This is generally a water droplet formed by the accumulation of "atomized steam". As mentioned above, the solution is to remove the remaining liquid from the mouthpiece and then use a paper towel to twist the rope into the rope and wipe it dry. More information, please check our website :www.

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