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*Common Problems with E-cigarettes*

1. Oil leakage 

Reason: The injection way of e-liquid is not correct; the e-liquid is too thin.

2. Suck the e-liquid into the mouth

Reason: The resistance is too small; the inlet hole is too large; cotton is soaked in  e-liquid for so long time.


The general reason: The e-liquid supply heating coil is enough, heating coil doesn’t consume fully.

Solution: Make the resistance bigger; change the inlet hole smaller; allow the atomizer to be insulated from the air, leaving the atomizer in a closed space.

Advice: shake or shake the atomizer more or less; take a few more breath; don't fill oil fully and suck hardly.

3. Burning taste

Reason: The amount of e-juice that enters the heating coil is less than the amount of e-liquid which you smoke; Other impurities of e-liquid will be attached to the atomizer; The resistance is too large; the filling oil hole is too small.

Total reason: The e-liquid can not supply for heating coil.

4. No vapor producing by the atomizer,

Reason: It is relevant with the size of the resistance, the amount of battery capacity, and the amount of filling oil injection. The smaller the resistance, the bigger the vapor.

5. E-cigarette case is hot.

6. The cigarette case and the battery are not charged.

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